About Us

Hi. We Are Mizuki 미즈키, Your New Skincare Best Friend 
We curate all things Korean & Japanese beauty. We hope you’ll like it here. 

We believe in the ethos of Asian skincare, which is to focus on achieving long term results for healthy skin by using gentle, high quality and effective ingredients.
We aim to provide you products are thoughtfully crafted from natural, powerful ingredients that nourish and protect your skin, so you can enjoy the benefits of glowing, healthy skin, day after day.
We believe in enjoying the process of taking care of our skin. 

Mizuki 미즈키 was founded in 2020 to provide the best of skincare to Maldives. With the support from our community, we are trying to expand shipping Korean and Japanese beauty, including make-up, hair care and body care worldwide.

Whether you’re looking to begin a skincare routine or already an avid skincare enthusiast, we are honored to be part of your skincare journey.