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ViCREA &honey Silky Smooth Moisture Shampoo 1.0

ViCREA &honey Silky Smooth Moisture Shampoo 1.0


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ViCREA's &honey series is the most popular honey-based cosmetic brand in Japan. This Silky Smooth Moisture Shampoo is for people who are concerned about tangled hair with insufficient stiffness and tenseness.

With the concept of a "Moisturizing Organic Beauty Care", &honey rehydrates your hair with premium honey and natural ingredients.

  • The natural foam of shea and honey washes off impurities without removing the moisture inside your hair.
  • It contains three types of honey exclusively used for the &honey Silky series.
  • More than 90% of all ingredients comprise moisture essences.
  • It does not include sulfate, mineral oils, paraben, and no cruelty is involved in its production.
  • Users can expect their hair to moisturize from the inside with a silky smooth finish.
  • It has the pleasant aroma of honey with an accent of Italian bergamot orange.




Honey (50% New Zealand Manuka honey, 30% Myanmar sunflower honey, and 20% Japanese raw honey), argan kernel oil, wool-based keratin, hydrolytic silk, hyaluronic acid

How to use

During your bath time, use this product to achieve both cleansing and hydration for your hair.

For better results, use Silky Smooth Moisture Treatment after using this product.

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